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New years goal:

Have these plumbed into the exhaust by February

Due to fabrication costs the turbos are going in the trunk. This way I only pay for a normal 2.25" exhaust with an X pipe up two a couple flanges. It will still cost a fortune to have an exhaust from the manifolds back made but its significantly less than modifying stock manifolds AND making a full exhaust.

The turbos will have their own oil system seperate from the motor. Those two”fuel pumps” will pump oil from a reservoir into and out of the turbos.

The overall horsepower goal to begin with is 300ish at 7psi on a stock ecu and a rising rate fuel regulator. My two main worries right now are if I sized the turbos right and if the oil system will work properly. But overall those are issues i can fix with some trial and error(hence cheapo turbos).


Hopefully you guys hear more about this in a couple months.(Still gotta buy alllllll the little parts and save for exhaust work)

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