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New Year's Resolution: To Clean out My Kinja Drafts Folder

Goofy in Motor Mania
Goofy in Motor Mania
Screenshot: YouTube

Got too many unfinished posts that I never got around to publishing. Yikes!

Near as I can tell, I’ve got at least 200 posts sitting in Drafts. Some wrenching stuff, some garagelopnik stuff, some DOTS material, JRitS compilations, reviews, questions, essays, opinion pieces, and miscellaneous tweets, memes, music videos, dashcam vids, etc. found across the internet that I wanted to make sure got shared here.


But taking into account the huge amount of content already generated on Oppo (nearly 4 times as much as what you might see on Jalopnik), I don’t want to clutter it up. Kinja sorts the front page of its blogs by most recent, and I don’t want a flood of my posts to push everybody else’s stuff off of the main page. So I’m limiting myself to no more than one post per day.

Fortunately, some of the things I wanted to post have already been shared by some of you, so that lightens the load a little.


Unfortunately, some of the things I wanted to share have since been deleted or removed from their sources. Maybe I can find some alternate uploads or screenshots for you (if I can figure out what they even were).

I guess I could just post a lot of it to my personal blog, but that would mean I’d have ungrey a bunch of comments. I’d much rather post here, where most of you are already “approved”.

If I can’t clear out all of my drafts, that’s okay. I just want to whittle it down to something manageable. Those of you who have checked out the “Manage: Oppositelock” pages (which now has separate “Scheduled” and “Drafts” sections) might recognize some of your own stuff. I hope you’ll join me in cleaning it up.

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