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First, a pretty car picture for your trouble. (Art and vintage car gallery in Wynwood, Miami).


I am going to NYC and Boston at the end of the month. We were just going to do NYC but Boston is RIGHT THERE and my husband has never been north of the Mason Dixon Line so i am dragging him up for some lobstah and chowdah. Hotel is booked, flights will be by end of day, but i am trying to figure out how to get a car to drive from NYC (Hell’s Kitchen) to Boston (Downtown/Back Bay). I refuse to fly from NYC to BOS because it would take longer sitting in airports than the actual flight and i used to drive that route with zero issues. Trains would take longer, and Acela is expensive, and i do not want to burn precious hours. Plus i can always stop at Providence for lunch.

Most rental places is charging quite expensive and I want to know if you guys know of any alternatives.


If any Jalopnik Staffer see this, please let me know if you have press cars available and if you need someone to take it to one of your New England writers. I know it would probably be NO but hey i am just gonna try. I will write a review in return for free :)

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