So now that I’ve got my hands on a pass for the Jalopnik Film Festival, I need to plan out the rest of my trip. I’m going to be road trippin’ from southwestern Ontario (Canada eh) to NYC.

My weapon of choice for the road trip: An E30 with suspension that is far too stiff and an exhaust set-up that is far too loud to be making a trip of this length lol...

I'm also in the process of trying to convince a friend of mine to buy a ticket and make the trip with me in his 1984 911...


What I need from you cool cats in NYC is some information/suggestions on decent (fairly nice yet affordable) places to stay for the few days I'm there as well as some information regarding how and where to park my car while I'm there. I'm guessing there are tons of underground parking places, I just don't know if they allow people to park cars there for more than 24hrs at a time. Obviously closer to the the venues where the events are being held (CCC and BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn) would be preferred to limit long trips on public transit.

On a final note, any worth while roads for the driving enthusiast to check out along the way (I'll likely be crossing the boarder at Niagara Falls) are worth a mention as well!


This request isn't limited to just New Yorkers, anyone with experience travelling to NYC is welcome to chime in. Any advice or information will be greatly appreciated.