Newest Additions to my Subie

(After the old windshield was removed but before the new one was put in)


(After the new windshield was put in)

I found a black spoiler off a 2002 Legacy GT so I snagged it for $19 at the junkyard and brought it home. Once I realized I have no idea where to drill holes in my hatch to install it, I went back to the junkyard to measure the position of the holes. Drilled them correctly the first time and the installation went well.

And I got my tax return on Wednesday so I got a new windshield installed this morning. Apparently the old windshield was also aftermarket (Pilkington) and whoever installed it botched it such that the windshield wasn't actually adhered to the car. So if I was in an accident, the windshield would have just fallen out. The new windshield is a PGW and it looks great.

Next on the list of repairs is sway bar bushings and then new rotors and pads.

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