Newest Discoveries in the Search for a Car

1987 bmw 535is

Nearly an E28 M5. Pretty interesting. Seems like a good deal for the rarity.


96 Audi A6 quattro wagon

It’s got three rows and the 2.8 V6. I don’t know anything about the 2.8 but it seems like a heck of a deal.

1993 camaro z28

I’d say I was pretty lucky to find a reasonably priced, pretty much unmolested Gen-IV Camaro in a city where most of them end up in trailer pars or on 24’s, dawg!



‘94 LS400. The first-gen LS would be idea for me. The price on this one is pretty steep but I really want one. I know no engine reliability issues here because 1UZ.


Anyway, things to look out for or avoid? Past experiences with cars or engines? Let me know below.

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