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Newly acquired cockatiel, AMA

Small shred of backstory: my last relationship brought with it a small bird into my life/home, and it was a very wonderful experience. I didn’t previously have any pets of my own at the time, so it was nice to have company once I got home from work or lounged around on weekends. I bonded very well with said bird, but now that myself and her owner have gone a bit of our separate ways, I miss having a feathered companion on my shoulder or chirping a bunch.

So, last week I decided to adopt this cockatiel named Juliette who needed a new home—her previous owner said she didn’t have time to care for and train her. I think I’m officially a bird person, now.


I have an appointment with an avian vet specialist tomorrow to check that she’s in good health, and I have some knowledge/experience with medium-sized bird care, so I’m not too thrown by this. I grabbed a larger, more suitable cage for Juliette, as well. We’re still feeling each other out, but I’m confident we’ll get along. She sits on my head or my shoulder, and likes to fly up on top of my kitchen cabinets.

Firebird decal on a Trans Am for your time.

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