Strong desire, rationalization, and money to spend almost landed me this freshly imported, left-hand drive, 1991 diesel 70 series Troopy.

Equipped with a snorkel, it would serve as my high water crossing rig (didn’t check for diff breathers). My overland rig, a 2007 4Runner V8 4x4, is allergic to water thanks to the off-road front bumper converting my upper wheel liner into a water scoop for direct fluid feed into the air intake (no company has produced a snorkel for the 4th gen 4Runner). I know of multiple owners of the 4th gen 4R having lost their engines to water crossings of various heights.


This diesel rig has the extended travel fuel tank, roof rack, roof top tent, off-road bumpers, and is ready for a trip to the upcoming Overland Expo West event via the unpaved roads of NM and AZ. It just needs an interior. up the back doors, and you’re greeted by shiny metal from the floor to the ceiling. Not a bad thing. It just means customization doesn’t require ripping out the old interior.

The friend selling this imports 2 Toyotas at a time from Europe, and fixes them up a bit before putting them up for sale. I’ve been tempted by some of us his previous imports. Test drove one of the shorter wheelbase 70 series, decided it wasn’t for me.

This one was allegedly used by a German couple to travel the Sahara and various other epic international destinations. Hence why the interior may have been removed. The exterior displays evidence of off-road excursions. An up close examination reveals many small and medium dents.

Having just sold my XVenture trailer and wanting to spend the funds before my wife designates the liquidity for our kid’s tuition, I sat in the cockpit of this inviting classic Yota and wondered if it was time. Was this what I really want at this time in my life? I’m still over a decade away from retirement. I have plans to travel internationally and would prefer to do so in a 70 series since parts would be more readily available than for my 4Runner, as well as this rugged LC is perfectly capable for water crossings.


After much thought, I decided to wait. Very difficult decision considering this is priced under $20K. It’s exactly what I want, is already equipped for adventure, and let’s face it...doing expeditions in a classic rig like this would make for great Instagram content.

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