So it’s snowy today as you might have heard, some friends and I decided to stay warm in the somewhat new Newport Car Museum (in Portsmouth RI). I had heard a lot about it so I had to check it out, and now hopefully some of you might go too! Also, every couple months they do a “Hoods Up” weekend and that was this weekend.


Their main room has a bunch of super cars from history and today. 2 old NSX and one new one (pictured above). Lambos, Ferraris, Porsches, etc etc and a lot of them have interesting serial numbers or back stories.


For some reason there’s contemporary art furniture all over the place. Fun to sit in I guess. Anyway there’s a Porsche... yay targa! Then below you see part of the Corvette room. From the beginning all the way to the C7.R so that’s cool.


Vettes. Many Vettes.

The room next to the Corvettes is the Shelby room. AC Cobra, GT350s, GT 500s etc etc. See below.



Going back through the Corvette room and the main room you get to an American Fin Cars (or something like that) with a bunch of LONG boats, with sofas for seats, and no seat belts. Seriously, one of them is 20ft long. And it’s one of the rotating ones. Crazy.



The last showroom has MOPAR. Think Vipers, Challengers, a Road Runner etc.. I didn’t take a pic here because I was getting antsy for the driving simulators. They have 5 seats with feed-back steering wheels and individual screens. It’s really just Forza on an xbone but it’s still tons of fun. We happened to have 5 of us and we all drove our specific cars, but you can’t race each other for some reason. I played around with different C7s, a BMW M4, a Porsche Cayman GTS before we left.


Anyway, it was a really fun time and I’d love to go back for some event or something. Great way to spend a few hours.