NEWS FLASH: SpaceX Center Core Crash Blamed on Tesla Model X

In response to rampant speculation over the fate of the Falcon Heavy’s mysterious barge landing yesterday, Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to explain the outcome.

Falcon Heavy, carrying not one, but two Tesla vehicles.

Although both booster rockets landed safely at Cape Canaveral as planned, the larger “Center Core” was not confirmed to have successfully landed on the offshore barge intended to receive it.


Musk tweeted cryptically early Wednesday morning, “@SpaceX great job on a successful launch. Sorry about #CenterCore, I hid a Model X inside! #easteregg #notaminivan”

The Center Core reportedly landed near the barge at over 300mph – well above the 8-10mph maximum landing velocity – due to the surprise presence of Tesla’s 5,200-pound Model X minivan on board.

Musk had ordered a secretive core group of engineers to place the van inside the rocket to further promote Tesla Motors. A much lighter Tesla Roaster was placed in the nose of the craft and is currently on its way to Mars, Jupiter, the Asteroid Belt, or maybe The Sun.

Musk continued “We must not let this mishap deter us from the mission of exploring the absolute limits of poor taste in car design. And also space exploration. #yolo”

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