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News from down under (but not that one)

We’ve explored South America and Australia so let’s stay Down Under and continue to South Africa, land of bakkies, the Boks and Boers.

What’s hot and what’s not in SA (or ZA according to taste)? Do they drive utilitarian pick up thingies? Do they have developing world specials like the Fiat Palio? Has anyone ever asked the question to which the answer is Subaru?

Yes, yes and no.

Here we go, for the month of September. Not the YTD I’m afraid as they don’t do those.


VW Polo Vivo (tarted up old model)

Hilux (yes, they call it a car there too but it’s a bakkie)

Toyota Corolla and versions thereof

Ford Ranger

VW Polo (new one)

Nissan NP200 (a baby bakkie)

Toyota Etios (a third world special)

Chevrolet Utility (yet another baby bakkie, based on a South American developing markets model)

Isuzu KB (aka D-Max)

Toyota Quantum (aka Hiace)

On a trivia note, if I were to go out and buy a Golf or BMW 3 series it would be quite likely to be made in South Africa as much rhd production is from there.


Have a Chevrolet Utility


Followed by a Nissan NP200. Yes, it has LHD wipers. Yes, they are quite alike.


Accompanied by a Polo Vivo


Washed down by some Tall Horse wine. Your choice of Merlot or Riesling

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