Re-painted my grille surround and the logo to better match my wheel covers. Still going for a Stock+ look with this car, and I am *still* chasing vacuum leaks. I have my IACV blocked off and my idle adjustment screw all the way closed and the car still idles. Somehow. It really shouldn’t. And of course our fancy Snap-On smoke machine is broken so I need to find a cheap cigar and someone who smokes.


Now I really need to clean my engine bay and find some decent paint to re-color the hideous blue CAI white, as well as the valve covers. Not sure if I should go for exposed timing belt or not. Thoughts?

EDIT: WTF? I just noticed my car has two horns. You can see one of them next to the strut tower in the engine bay shot (look just up and left of the blue washer fluid lid) and the other one is in the grille. And neither one is hooked up right. *sigh*