News in Brief: Renault Abruptly Cancels Teen-Focused Ghislaine Van

An earlier concept of the Ghislaine, known as Avanteen
An earlier concept of the Ghislaine, known as Avanteen
Photo: Renault means nault

French carmaker Renault Groupe unexpectedly canceled its upcoming Ghislaine Sports Activity Flex-Van Friday morning, citing issues with its autonomous driving software. For years, the vehicle was hotly anticipated as a way to help reignite the waning teen vehicle market, especially for young women who needed transportation to their jobs or other extracurricular activities. Renault had also hinted that it would lead a possible push back into the US market, where the brand has been absent since the 1980s. CEO Luca de Meo explains in a press release: “While Renault is excited about the Ghislaine helping young women freely travel around their town to earn money, early tests of the semi-autonomous system caused the vehicle to drive to unspecified locations, often against the will of the passengers.” Renault admits that autonomous vehicle technology is still in its early stages across the industry, but that the company is considering an HVAC chloroform-injection system similar to what Tesla has used for years to help its owners get some rest while driving.


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