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News of the good variety

My engine is done.

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Details then: for those unfamiliar, I had the oldsmobile 403 rebuilt for my ‘79 trans am. The reasons being hood clearance issues and part compatibility, otherwise I would just recommend a new crate motor for anyone else trying this. Originality is for suckers.

The engine was running decently when I took it out, but the main problem I had was piston wear. While I assume compression was still ok (never bothered checking) the oiling surfaces on the piston skirts were worn. I didn’t ask too many questions, considering I already needed an excuse to run high compression pistons in this smog-laden shitbox. It should go from 7.9:1 compression to 9.5:1. This required boring it out a touch, making it .24 overbore. This is also critical because the olds cannot be bored out too much without causing problems.


I was able to reuse my cam and rods, and I decided to go with a comp cams 260h cam, mostly for driveability as it was one of the more mild camshafts comp makes.

Cost for just the rebuild (not including parts) comes to $1,970.

Next, I need to find the remaining parts to take to the shop to get them to break it in for me. This is important because I’d have to buy yet more tools and take yet more risk, so why not let them risk blowing it up? Also, this time of year I am trying to drop it back in the car by itself so I can run it periodically and prevent any damage given its “fresh” nature.


Expect more pictures soon.

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