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News on my future bike...

So i was chatting with my dad... and he dropped a bit of a bomb on me.

“Pete...I’m starting to not like that triumph daytona so much....”
oh poop
me: so then what else is there? I’m UPGRADING the SV. not down grading. all of the japanese 600s dont have ABS aside from one or two fo them, and they are all STUPID to insure. And I dont want a naked. So what do you think I should do? and NO, ducati isnt an option. I’m not paying 2600 every 12k km”

“Why not a BMW?”
“erm. the only BMW made tht I like is the S1000RR. you know I dont like yours.” [F800R]

dad: okay...why not?

me: :O

this has set into motion a dastardly series of plans and events....

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