If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


Here it is!

It feels bigger than it is, which is bigger than the Tacoma, so it feels Huge, but it’s only not-small...
‘s a good looking color, eh?

One thing I always forget is that they charge you sales tax on the sticker price, not the price after rebates :P brings it back up to almost sticker again by the time you’re done :\ oh well, it’s still under 40k with reg and service fees, so I guess that’s a win?

The 2.7 looks tiny In that engine bay...
But they seem to have managed to fill all the empty space with plumbing... Lots and lots of fancy plumbing. Even more since we have the payload package, there’s all kinds of extra coolers for oils and fluids...
View of the active-aero louvers in front of the intercooler (which being naked aluminum, shows them up better than the radiator)
Mrs. BoostAddict’s incredulous face when I explained about said louvers... She’s on a little bit of technology shock with all Bluetooth and trip computers and Pro Trailer Backup Assist and whatnot.

There is a real ass load of aluminum in these trucks, I forget how much more than just the bed is aluminum, it’s all over the place, hood, radiator support, fenders... Hopefully that means they rust less than old ones. Rides nice, amazing torque, 20.9 mpg average so far.

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