Next car I'm renting from Turo

My girlfriend and I have started a tradition where for her birthday she picks out a fun car to rent and then I drive her around in it. I know, woe is me right? Last year we did a z4 hardtop convertible but this year she wanted something a little more special. At first I was showing her pictures of lambos, Ferraris, and rolls royces but it was “too flashy” for her. I’m very glad we have some similar tastes in cars because I didn’t exactly want some ridiculous either. While being in LA a Lamborghini isn’t actually all that ostentatious, I still would much rather drive around in something I’d realistically want to own someday.


Having only 200 miles seems so limiting but I know we won’t have much time to drive that weekend anyways. It will be worth it to just have something truly special for a short while. I wonder how these have been doing in terms of reliability, especially being an Italian. But I was surprised to find out that these start around $50k or so. Meaning if they don’t become some rare appreciating crazy car, having one some day in the 20s sounds reasonable.

Looking forward to the experience! 

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