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To make a long story short, in May I’m flying to CA to buy a replacement for my super-rusty crown vic. This new-to-me car will be its replacement as the all-around “this car works” car, which gets to do exciting things like sit in the airport parking lot and drive through salt brine 4-6 months out of the year.

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Now, as we know, life is too short to drive boring cars, so the next one has got to be interesting as well. This is where I ask for Oppo’s collective car knowledge - to help come up with ideas of what to look for while out west for a couple days in May.

For a sample of my taste, my current line-up consists of:

  • 2002 Crown Vic P71 - Old police car, beat to shit, I’ve had it for going on 5 years and it is super rusty. Seriously. The rocker panels are a distant memory, the pinch weld is falling off, and the exhaust is held together with good intentions.
  • 1985 Mazda RX-7 - This is my summer daily, except for exceptionally bad weather days and long trips. It came from Georgia and is incredibly-not-rusty. I removed heat shields with hand tools the other day. It blows my mind, and is a fantastic car to rip around in.
  • 1971 Chevelle - the much-unloved 4-door Chevelle Malibu, this was my first car, and I still have it. Needs a bit of body work, but it’s solid. I recently swapped out the Powerglide (2-speed auto) for a Muncie (4-speed manual) and plan to rebuild the engine this year... and maybe start some bodywork.

So what sort of thing am I looking for? Something interesting/fun, RWD or AWD (LSD preferred for RWD because snow), manual strongly preferred, budget of somewhere in the 5-7k region. This car will be purchased in CA, ideally somewhere between LA and Bakersfield or thereabout.

Here are the current front-runners in Things to Look For

  • First-gen IS300 - super rare in manual, but neat. The Sportcross is also very cool (though not manual). Should be very reliable and such. I accept that I will not find a manual one.
  • e36 328iS - much more common in manual, also has the benefit of “I’ve driven one of these before” so I know it’s pretty good. Should be easier to find, but not as reliable as the Toyota Lexus.

What do you think Oppo?

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