Well Oppo, I applied for an opening with Toyota Motorsports GmbH....

Kind of freaking out about it because I have always wanted to work in motorsports and it is a job I have experience in. That and being young and dumb I could fairly easily pick myself up and move to Cologne. I haven’t told my SO that is where the job is though, which is part of why I am freaking out because what if I get the job?! But at the same time.... What if I don’t? Am I punching above my weight class? I guess if I move over there and it pays well, then I could buy my TVR or big Healey.


What do you think Oppo?


So I have thrown chance to the wind! Not only did I send the application to Toyota Motorsports, I also applied to a job with Koenigsegg that pointed The guy whose Mini is just acting weird now out. Gotta get life going eh?

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