Got the diff back together. Turns out the quaife diff is ever so slightly too big to fit in the alloy case i have (not sure about the standard one) so i had to cut a couple of notches in it quickly before the sealant went off.

Then i started cutting up bits to make my inlet trumpets. Started by making 15mm sections to weld to the trumpets to get the length tuned right to produce harmonic effects at 5750rpm where i should be making peak power.

Turns out its bloody hard to cut a perpendicular cut in a tube without a lathe or jig of some sort. Best i could do was mark it at a dozen points around the outside, link them up with an angle grinder and then file it as close as i could.


Then, halfway through i noticed the tube my 6 quid bellmouths was made from is ever so slightly smaller than the tube i’ll be welding it to which just won’t do, so i cut them down a little into the bellmouth a little so as to widen the opening.


Halfway through that so i’ll finish cutting then do some practice runs with my tig welder!