Next in the line of Synthol abusers

For the uninformed, this is what you get when you inject oil underneath your skin to artificially enlarge your muscles. In the pro bodybuilding circles people sometimes use Synthol sparingly to “even out” areas of concern. It’s not typically considered a “performance enhancing drug” since it does nothing except make the body part look larger. You could make a case that it’s cheating in bodybuilding competitions, but not really anywhere else.

Apparently this guy pumped his arms up to 25” and almost lost them. That’s actually 3” shy of Gregg Valentino’s record.

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Valentino was the subject of a documentary, The man whose arms exploded. He’s probably one of the most famous synthol abusers. In the vid below he talks about his experience. Kind of graphic but interesting nonetheless. Muscle dysmorphia is a very real thing.

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