Next season Jalopnik's "Car vs America" TV-show idea pitch

After watching the first episode of Jalopnik’s “Car vs America” show and thinking about a big (likely dozens of Oppo readers) trip we’re organizing/planning right now, an idea came up which might be an excellent and rare opportunity for a potential episode for the next season of “Car vs America”.

The Meet

First of all let me present you the Oppo meet we’re planning for 2018. After our recent meet-ups, including the 19-people one at Spa (Belgium) and the Nürburgring (Germany) in March 2017 and the Oppo Alps Trip (Austria, Switzerland, Italy) in June 2017 we’re planning an even bigger and better one for 2018. We will be going to Wales (home of fluffy sheep and fantastic driving roads), dates for this event will be March 26-30th (Monday-Friday). However people are free to join the meet on fewer days if they can’t make it for the whole week. These week days gives anyone from Continental Europe plenty of time to travel to Wales and get back home after the event ends, there might also be time for additional activities on these weekends! Right now we have over 30 people who have shown interest in joining, there are more on the mailing list though, and late March is still 5 months out. Given the turnout of 19 people at the Nurburgring/Spa last March we can expect at least the same numbers to show up again for Wales, and maybe more.

Alps Meet, June 2017
At Spa, March 2017. All parked cars by attendees. Some cars are left out of this picture.
At the outer parking lot of the Nurburgring, March 2017 (mild ‘shop by combining 2 pictures taken at the same place)

The Activities

The last meet ups involved plenty fun and scenic well planned roads during the day, some great side activities (like visiting the Nurburgring, naturally not without racing on the world renown Green Hell, but also this actual track), and included breakfast and lunch while chatting about obscure cars as well as learning about the local brewing qualities at night. We’re planning to continue this tradition, with a few optimizations learned from the previous events.


One especially interesting thing that occurred to us during planning was that:

1. Some people will be flying in and will need transport for the week

2. Used cars in the UK are incredibly cheap. Like dirt cheap. With a little research we figured out that, with the help of local UK Oppo members, depreciation + insurance + tax + mild repairs on an old banger will likely be cheaper than a half-decent rental for the week. This is valid for non-UK citizens, like myself, as well. You can easily find a decent, fully working (yet properly Oppo) car in the UK for under £300. As seen below.


The Pitch

So, we’ve got Jalopnik filming a TV show and we’ve got a group of European Jalopnik readers organizing a large multi-day event, for which many members will show up in obscure cars, some with beaters bought just for this one week of gear head madness. 1+1=2, right? Why don’t you, Jalopnik writers, join us? We’re sure it’ll be worth your time. :)


And to make things even more interesting: Depending on how many of you are mad happy enough to join us, we could get you the (street legal) old euro shitbox you always dreamed about (which you (writers) might or might not be stuck with during that week). Should you decide to use the opportunity to head over to the continent (nothing like racing on the ‘ring in a 25 year old Citroen AX) I’m sure some of our members will be happy to join you. You get to choose the cars (or for an additional challenge, let us chose yours) and we will be (somewhat) responsible for getting them running before you arrive and during your stay. You also get to set the budget (the lower the better!, right?). And to make sure things don’t get too boring, I’m sure people will be able to come with a few interesting challenges in these lovely cars by then as well. :)

Random suggestions:


Fiat Seicento Sporting for £295:


A turbo diesel hydropneumatic Citroën Xantia for £250


A Fiat Multipla for £350


A BMW E46 compact for £299


Mazda 323f (1992; take it with you to the US afterwards!) for £265


MG MGF (rear engine!) for £400

And on and on.

We have multiple experienced mechanics, at least one video journalist with Orlove experience, many people highly experienced in buying questionable old beaters and just a great group to spend time with.


So, what do you say? Join us?
(That’s an invitation for everyone else as well obviously. Also note that if you were to book now, a 2-way direct airline ticket NYC-London at appropriate dates can be had for roughly $500. Try Norwegian. Also, if it wasn’t obvious, you’re free to join in your daily, your rental or even as a passenger)

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