Next Vehicle

It isn’t in the books right now, but after the GTO is paid off in 2 years, the next vehicle I buy will be a Corvette C6 Z06. My love for this car comes from the Pratt & Miller C6.R GT1. The 7.0L monster sounded like the Devil skull fucking a demon in the most hardcore BDSM porn in the universe.

Sorry for the vivid description, but it is true. Just listen

The Corvette racing has always sounded the best out on the track. As for teams I have a hard time choosing between Aston and Corvette, but just car to car the Vette will always be the one I lust after.


Now that even the C7s are getting really cheap, you can get a nice Z06 for relatively cheaply with few miles. I would either want one in yellow, blue, or orange in that order.

Like this yellow one for $28,995 with 73,316 miles


Or this blue one for $37,500 with 40,343 miles


or this orange one for $29,995 with 63,107 miles

I really want one. Very very badly! In yellow

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