Next WackoCar thoughts.

Well new job, means lots of hours driving to and from work.

I even started car pooling with my coworkers and if I continue with the pathfinder. Well it will cost me about 4000.00 cnd a year just in gas for my days of the carpool.

My drive to work is 100kms each way, so 200kms per day when it’s my turn.

Then I learn I now have access to Preferred pricing for GM, Honda, Toyota and Ford.


I am even considering a Volt. Would cost me about 1000 (by my quick calculations)a year in gas, cause I would be able to plug it in at work. We would still have the Pathfinder as the family car or even when it’s too snowy for the volt. Then this opens the door to a project or weekend car.

Is this a crazy idea.

Well off to bed, got to get up at 5

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