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I picked this up for next year. Planned on flipping it but I’ve rode around the neighborhood and ending up really liking it. It’s an 08 R6 with newer fairings on it.

Seller thought the fairings were aftermarket, but they’re actually OEM off a newer R6. It’s also got a titanium exhaust but the 2 bro’s slip on. Ended up asking a buddy about some stuff, he’s a big Yamaha guy. Realized it’s got crazy service records at the Yamaha dealer until he bought it.

Also is rocking a Ohlin’s rear shock which he thought was OEM. Only has 7600 miles on it. It’s also got a Power Commander 3.


The only thing I can figure is whoever was the previous owner before him, really loved it. I sent him a message to ask him about it. He’s not responded. I’m guessing I’m the 3rd owner of it. All the service records are at the same dealer, and they mention the PC3, dyno tuning, and exhaust install.

The service records go from new to July 18, which is when he got it. I’m happy. I literally picked it up for probably what the Ohlin’s shock cost new.
Once I got it home and started really digging into the bike, I started finding all of it’s hidden secrets. The best part for me, is no one’s cut any wiring, no hack jobs on anything.

I went into the bike figure it had some hack job somewhere. It’s honestly just a gem that’s been really taken care of. Which is surprising for an almost 12 year old sportbike. 


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