“I don’t know if Trevor Lawrence could succeed in the NFL next year. I do know that there are multiple teams that would give him the chance, and that if he were in any other industry, he’d have the choice to do so. It’s morally indefensible to deny someone life-changing money and instead force him to spend two years of indentured labor that can only negatively affect his future earnings, but in the macro it’s easy to see why it’s the case. The NFL wants its free minor league and to avoid having to take the risks inherent in evaluating teenagers; the NFLPA wants to hold off incoming competition for its members; the NCAA wants its top moneymakers to make them money for as long as possible. It’s a system that serves everyone, except Lawrence.” (from Deadspin article)

I can’t argue with the part in bold. Hope he stays healthy to reap the rewards of his hard work and success. What do you think of the current 3-year rule, and do you think it will hold up long-term to legal challenges?