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The channel prides itself on showing “every kneel from every game,” and sees most of its action during the national anthem portion of NFL games, reporting on players that choose to kneel during the anthem and further tracking any mentions of kneeling throughout the afternoon. KneelZone monitors coverage of the traditional Sunday afternoon 1:00 p.m. “early” games and 4:05/4:25 p.m. “late” games.

On game day, KneelZone channel signs-on at 11:30 a.m. eastern with the 90-minute pregame show NFL Kneel Debate. The talk show primarily focuses on kneeling highlights as well as discussion and analysis of kneeling form and technique.


pictured: NFL prospect in the midst of training to get in perfect kneeling shape, it’s become something of an unwritten rule that you should come into the NFL with perfect kneeling posture.

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