I actually didn’t watch any of this game (no cable), but the way it ended was entertaining at least. Well, for those who were able to see it, anyway.

It’s already week 2. Time flies when there’s a glut of shitty week 1 games you’re having fun. Seriously, so many of the first slew of games were just not very good. Hopefully now that everyone’s warmed up, they’ll be better this week.

Today the Broncos are hosting the Cowboys. It’s funny to me how many people are completely discounting the Broncos. The Cowboys are a really good team, and they certainly have a better than average chance, but they’ve never had to face the Broncos’ D. Has Dak ever faced a secondary as good as Denver’s in his short history? I don’t pay much attention to the NFC East in general, so I don’t really know. I suspect his admittedly impressive 4 career interception number may be in danger. Also, the Cowboys don’t win in Denver often (since 1983, I believe). The last time they were here, the Broncos beat them with Kyle Orton at QB, and that was a season where the Cowboys finished 11-5. Anyway, I think the Broncos will win but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Cowboys were to steal a win here. On a related note, here’s the most ridiculous highlight from their last matchup in Dallas:

The on air games in Denver this week are the Saints hosting the Pats on CBS (our only CBS game this week), and on FOX we start with the Eagles at the Chiefs before the Broncos play in the late game. Oh, I would so love for the Saints to beat the Patriots today. I think if it happened the Pats would still be the team to beat, but that won’t keep their fans from losing their minds. Eagles at Chiefs, eh? I will be really shocked if the Chiefs don’t crush the Eagles. We will probably be able to hear the Arrowhead crowd all the way here in Denver.


For the rest of the slate: I’ll take the Bucs beating the Bears, the Panthers over the Bills (though I have a weird feeling the Bills might steal an upset), Ravens over the Browns, Cardinals over Colts, Titans over Jags, Steelers over Vikings, Dolphins beating the Chargers, Raiders destroying the Jets, Seahawks over Niners, Rams over Washington (in front of a thunderous crowd of 693 people probably), Falcons beating the Pack in the Falcons’ new stadium debut, and on Monday night I think the Lions will beat the Giants but I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

I see myself flopping back and forth a lot between the NE-NO game and the PHI-KC game. Besides your team’s game, which game are you most interested in this week?