NFL open thread

Week four, and once again I forgot there was an early London game. I turned it on in time to see Jay Cutler throw a pick, so it’s going about as it should.

“Whatever. I don’t care.”

Also, I think he’s secretly playing for the Bears still, wearing a Mike Glennon costume.


So this week we see my Broncos hosting the Oakland Raiders, in a game between the two teams who last week clearly believed their own hype and then forgot to show up in their games. Anyway, I think the Broncos are the better team and the Raiders are the team with the better QB. I think it’s going to be a Home Team Wins series between the two this year, so I’ll take the Broncos today.

Our CBS games today are Pittsburgh at Baltimore in the early game before the Broncos’ game. I don’t know how that one’s going to go. I guess I feel like the Ravens should edge them out. Over on Fox we have the Saints “at” the Dolphins in the super early London game. I’ve watched about 5 minutes worth and it’s a train wreck. They’re both playing like crap and the helmet radios aren’t working. I say it ends in a tie. Probably scoreless. Then we get an AM game only with the Rams at the Cowboys. That’s probably the early game I’ll watch because as much as I can’t stand the Cowboys, I hate watching Steelers-Ravens games way more. And to answer the page header, “No. But he’s ok I guess.” I hope LA wins, but Cowboys probably win it.

Sunday Night is Colts at Seahawks, and also a compelling argument for flex games early in the season. Who wouldn’t rather see the Raiders-Broncos, or Lions-Vikings, or even the Rams-Cowboys instead? Oh well. Over on Monday night it’s a decent game for a change, with Washington at KC. It’s at Arrowhead though, so Chiefs probably win. I’ll hope for an upset.

For the rest, I’ll take the Browns over the Bengals in the Sadness Bowl, Atlanta over Buffalo, Jags over Jets (this might be a good game against all logic and reason), Lions over Vikings, Pats over Panthers (but go Panthers), Texans over Titans, 49ers beating the Cards (upset pick), Eagles over Chargers, Giants over Bucs.


Over half the league is either 3-0 or 2-1, and everyone is pretty much still in it* (*not available in Ohio). How’s your team holding up? Who’s gonna win today? Should I make chili?

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