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NFL Open Thread

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Bye weeks in week 5 suck.

I probably won’t watch a lot of the games this weekend because my partner got a surprise weekend day off. You know what that means, right? *plays sexy music* LAUNDRY.


The Patriots beat Tampa Bay because the Bucs had no kicker. They’re 3-2 but they should be 1-4. They may still have Tom Brady, but do they strike fear into anyone right now? Not me. The Broncos held them to 16 points last year, but the Denver offense was DOA. This year they have an actual running game.

Let’s see what we’ve got...ugh. Only one CBS game? That’s annoying. We get the afternoon Ravens at Raiders matchup. I mean, Derek Carr’s out, but EJ Manuel looked good when he came in last week against the Broncos until the pick he threw at the end. And the Ravens are bad. The Raiders probably win at home. On Fox we get Panthers at Lions early (GO LIONS), and Packers/Cowboys late. I have no gut feeling on this one so let’s say Cowboys since it’s in Dallas. Oh, Sunday Night should be GOOD. KC at Houston? This is going to sound contradictory, but here goes. KC is a good team that doesn’t get much real respect, yet I don’t completely trust them. Alex Smith looks awfully non-Alex-Smithish this season. How sustainable is that? I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think it’ll be a tough game for the Texans, but I think (and hope) they can beat KC tonight. MNF has the Bears against ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz*snork* huh?


The rest: Bills should beat the Bengals. SHOULD. We’ll see. Jets at Browns, I guess Jets? Niners at Colts seems like a Niners win to me. Except for the first game, SF has been in every game. Dolphins probably lose to the Titans. The Giants better knock off the Chargers, because I think the Broncos will kill them next week and they’d be 0-6 if they lose to the Chargers too. I think the Eagles beat the Cards. Jacksonville at Pittsburgh feels like one of those games that Steeler fans counted as a win when they looked at the schedule at the start of the year, and then the Jags come in and end up beating them. I think the Rams beat the Seahawks in front of what looks like twelve people but is actually 60,000. That stadium is weird. Broncos, Falcons, Saints, and Skins are all on a bye this week.

In closing, GO TEXANS! And also the Lions.

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