Looking at this video’s thumbnail pic... more like “weak 6", amirite? Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Try the fish.

Everyone seems to think the Broncos will blowout the Giants, but I think that’s lazy. I mean, I think the Broncos will win, but the Giants’ last 3 games have been one-score differences. Yes, I know all of the Giants receivers have gone on IR and they hired a bunch of temps, but most teams don’t just shut down and curl up in the fetal position because they get hit with the shit. It is what it is: a game between a team that that believes they are a serious contender and another team that is just bad right now and can’t find a way to win games. Well, Broncos, if you really are contenders, you’re required to beat teams like these. I don’t care how it looks, just win. No excuses, no apologies, just get the W. If you don’t, it’ll be real hard for anyone to take you as a serious threat to any of the top teams in the AFC. The Broncos’ schedule becomes murderous soon, with 5 of the next 8 games on the road including a stretch of games against KC, Philly, and New England. They really can’t afford to slack off against struggling teams.


Also, this game is a great argument for flex games early in the season. Do any of you guys outside of Denver or New York want to see this? For God’s sake, the Jags @ Rams game is a better choice for Sunday Night Football than this game. Did you think you’d ever read that sentence?

Leading up to SNF, we get two good games on CBS with the Pats at the Jets and the Steelers at the Chiefs. I really want the Jets and the Steelers to pull off upsets and will be pulling hard for them both, but I think the Pats and Chiefs end up winning. Boo. The game I’ll be ignoring on FOX is Packers/Vikings. Nothing personal, I just have more interest in the CBS slate this week. Packers probably win, right? I don’t know.

The rest: give me SF over Washington (because why not), Ravens over Bears and it’ll be uuuugly, Texans over Browns (because even if the Texans didn’t have anyone left to play defense, the Browns still couldn’t score), Falcons over Fins, Lions over Saints (I hope), Bucs over Cards, Jags over Rams (just barely), and Chargers over Raiders, because the Raiders just have the smell of death on them right now. Bills, Bengals, Cowboys, and Seahawks all lose to the bye week.

This week felt like it took forever to end and I’m ready to watch some football, drink some beer, and fold laundry all day. (I only really want to do two of those things. Stupid laundry.) Let’s get it going already!