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NFL Open Thread

This was a pretty good game for a Thursday, even with the do-over do-over do-over ending. Side note, I think it should be legal for ejected players to watch the game from the stands (but not a luxury box) in street clothes like it is in baseball. I mean, they’re only really likely to do it at a home game anyway, I doubt it would cause any major problems.


Week 7, and the NFL is all chaos. I love it, mostly. If you exclude the 0-6 & 1-5 teams, can you really make a case for any of the other teams being out of it? I mean, except maybe the Bears? All of the good teams from the past few seasons are heavily flawed. The Pats look like hot garbage (by Patriots standards; put any other uniform on the same team and their fans would be delighted). The Steelers are winning but dysfunctional, the Packers lost Rodgers, the Broncos strike fear into the hearts of no one, the Chiefs are Chiefs-ing it up the past two games... the only two teams that look somewhat solid to my eyes right now are the Panthers and the Eagles, and they’re not perfect either.

Let’s see what I can watch today.... on CBS, the early game is... Panthers at Bears? I’m weirded out when they move NFC games to CBS or AFC games to Fox. It feels wrong. Panthers have to win this one, right? Afternoon game is the Broncos at Chargers in a stadium that will probably be mostly Broncos fans. I feel bad for the Chargers players, but not their management. They should have found a way to stay put in SD. I hope the Broncos fans do the in-com-plete chant. I think the Broncos will win but I don’t like the setup. They played like crap against the Giants. The Chargers are rolling, but then again once they start winning, they lose the games that people expect them to win. Who knows? All I know is that if the Broncos lose, they should stay on the west coast for a couple days to let the wailing and gnashing of teeth die down before they come back. Over on Fox we’ve got only one game, the early game with the Saints visiting the Packers. Last week, the Saints almost let the Lions come back on them when they had a lead of 45-10. My co-worker is a Packers fan who’s hanging in there. I told him the Packers will probably score 40+ points but they still might lose. The Packers have a good situation to test out what they can do with Hundley against a team that can’t stop anyone. Still, I feel like the Saints might win.


For the rest: I’m pulling for the Bills to beat the Bucs, the Titans should handle the Browns, Jax has to beat Indy or they are not as good as they think they are, Rams beat the Cards at home, Jets win (maybe) at the Dolphins, Minnesota wins the Purple Bowl against Baltimore, SF loses to Dallas by 2-3 points just like every other one of their games, Steelers beat the Bengals, Seattle should beat the Giants but I’m not saying they will, Pats beat the Falcons, and I’ll take the Eagles because they are at home against an uneven Skins. Only the Lions and Texans are off.

So, what’s pissing you off about your team to this point? I’m irritated with the Broncos’ play calling and inability to keep Trevor Siemian upright. On the play calling, we have Jamaal Charles and can’t figure how to use him on short-yardage passes and screen passes? COME ON. Tight ends need to get more involved too, and STICK TO THE RUN GAME FFS. Stop panicking anf going pass-heavy after two plays that don’t go perfectly. Trevor also needs to pick it up or he will get replaced, right or wrong. The short time Brock was in against the Giants though... his passes STILL angle downward. The only 6'8" QB who’s passes get tipped, I swear. Ugh.

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