I think this is my favorite commercial.

“Next thing you know, I’m telling strangers that ‘defense wins championships’,”

“Well, it does.”


Right now, I’d be happy if my teams’ defense could help win a game. I used to know what a turnover was... oh, wait. I still do. Their offense serves them up regularly.


They sent the Browns to London? I thought they were trying to ATTRACT fans. Whatever.


Week 8. Already. It’s going by too fast. My Broncos have been exiled to Monday Night Football where they will lose to the Chiefs, so let’s see what the slate looks like for today. As I write this, Cleveland has a 6-3 lead over Minnesota in London in a game that I am mercifully unable to see because I don’t have cable. The Browns will find a way to lose, I’m sure. Only one CBS game for us today in Denver, and it’s the Chargers at the Pats. I’m not picking against New England at home, though one of these times that they shoot themselves in the foot it’s bound to cost them a game or two. It just hasn’t yet. Over on Fox we’ll get Bears at Saints early. I guess the Saints, but my gut tells me it’ll be a bad game to watch. Late game is Cowboys at Redskins. I hate having NFC East games forced on us. I’d rather see the Texans-Seahawks game. Sunday Night is Steelers-Lions. I want the Lions to win but they look as uneven as the Broncos. Steelers win.

For the rest, I’ll say Buffalo beats Oakland, Cincinnati beats the Colts, Falcons and Jets is a tossup, Eagles over 49ers, Panthers lose to Bucs, and a whole mess of teams are off (Cards, Packers, Jags, Rams, Giants, Titans).

This week’s games kinda suck, don’t they? I should just clean the house instead.

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