NFL Open Thread

Week 11. Ugh. Can we just hit the reset button? Too many injuries, too many shitty teams, I’m just worn out. So let’s make fun of Mark Davis.


That’s better.

This is the part where I usually talk about the Broncos. They suck. Oh, good, they fired the OC and we’re starting the guy who couldn’t beat out Trevor Siemian in camp. That’ll surely fix all their problems. And that’s all the time I feel like spending on them this week.


On to the games that might matter. On CBS this week we get to see the Bills at the Chiefs before the Broncos lose to the Raiders. I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see the Bills knock off the Chiefs. The Chiefs have suddenly turned into hot garbage. I think the most appropriate thing the way this season has shaken out would be for the Chargers to win the AFC West. On Fox the only game we get is the Bears at the Eagles? Jesus. The SNF game’s a stinker too. The walking dead Packers at the Steelers. They couldn’t flex in the Saints-Rams game? And Monday will be Houston at Baltimore. Wow. Everything seems to be telling me to not watch football this week.

I don’t think I’m even going to bother listing the other games. Let’s all just go outside and play instead. (I’m full of shit. I’ll probably still watch them all.)

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