I don’t mean this as an insult or to be condescending at all, but I wonder... How do fans of the Cleveland Browns still have any passion left for the sport of football anymore? I love football, but if my team went through decades of futility with little hope for change, not to mention the league callously conspiring to yank the franchise away from them only to replace it a couple years later with a bad expansion team, I’d think it would eventually whittle away my enthusiasm for the sport altogether. Hardcore Browns fans have my respect. I really do hope it turns around for them sometime soon. Anyway...

Jay Cutler threw a tantrum back in 2009 and left the Broncos. Since then, he’s managed to only have to face the Broncos in a game once because of ‘injuries’. It was Brock Osweiler’s first start, and the Broncos won that game against the Bears and won the Super Bowl that year. I still can’t stand Eeyore Jay, but if Josh McDaniels hadn’t pissed him off and then proceeded to steer the Broncos into a tree, we’d never have gotten Von Miller or Peyton Manning. So it’s all good. But I’d still love to see Von or Shane Ray smear him to the turf a few times today.

Since the Broncos are in Miami against the Dolphins, that’ll be our early game on CBS so.... wait, what? It’s on FOX? AGHHHH IT’S TOO WEIRD TO SEE AFC GAMES ON FOX. CBS here has Chiefs at Jets as the early game with no late game. After the Broncos-Dolphins, we get Panthers at Saints which should be a pretty good game. How did we end up getting such an interesting game? Must be a scheduling error. Sunday night is Philly at Seattle, which is one of those games that looked great at the beginning of the year but could end up being ugly. I hope not, in fact I’m pulling for the Hawks to snag an upset here. And Monday is a game no one cares about (Steelers-Bengals).

The rest: Vikings at Falcons (ooh, could we have that game instead of the Broncos? Please?), Pats at Bills, Niners at Bears, Bucs at Packers (very bay, much wow), Texans at Titans, Colts at Jags (anyone else think the Jags are going to stumble down the stretch?), Lions at Ravens, Browns at Chargers, Giants at Oakland, and Rams at Cards.


So, what’ll you be watching today?