Well, it made me laugh.

This season has been terrible. No one knows what a catch is anymore, mediocrity abounds, officiating has been a dumpster fire, and I’m struggling to care. In past years when my team has sucked or failed to make the playoffs I’ve still been eager to watch games and follow the season to its end, but this year feels different. You’ll never convince me for one second any true fan of the NFL is turning off games because of the protests; I think it’s easier for them to pretend that that’s the reason because this year the product is so damn terrible. I think the NFL made a huge mistake in choosing Roger Goodell, and are making the same mistake in extending his contract. In my opinion they need to make a couple short term fixes: they need to kill off Thursday night games effective next season, and they need a developmental league STAT. No one likes Thursday night games (we barely like MNF anymore). QB and OL play is at an all-time low, and it’s been in decline since Goodell killed off NFL Europe. It doesn’t matter if the sub-league loses some money, it has to be viewed as an investment in the future.

I think the Broncos are in big trouble as a franchise. With Pat Bowlen gone but not really gone, there’s a huge leadership void. Elway’s drafts have been bad, and I think he picked the wrong coach. Normally I’d say give a new coach a couple/few years to turn it around, but Vance Joseph’s decision-making is alarming. Why the hell is Isaiah McKenzie still on this roster, let alone still being allowed to return kicks? HE CAN’T DO IT. If this were the Patriots, do you think he’d still be there? Of course not. He’d be working at a Dunkin’ Donuts by now. The timing of his onside-kick tries has been head-scratching, too. This season has felt just like McDaniels’ last season. Well, at least the Jets will feel at home today with the crowd booing the home team, anyway...


Oh, and we only get two games here today. An early FOX game (Dallas at NYG), and the Jets at the Broncos on CBS. Never mind that some here would have interest in, oh, the KC-Oakland division matchup, or a halfway decent game in the Vikings at the Panthers. And why would we want to see a PM FOX game like Eagles-Rams or Seahawks-Jags? But we’ll get to see the Ravens-Steelers later which will probably be another flag festival, and Pats-Fins on Monday Night. Whatever, NFL. They’ll probably look at the ratings drop and think they should add a Tuesday Night game and to play more games in London.

Are any other Opponauts as cranky as I am about this season?

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