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Pics or it didn’t happen actually, it didn’t technically happen.


Week 15. The only way for this season to redeem itself in my eyes is for there to be a Super Bowl matchup that pisses off 95% of the country. That’s right, I’m pulling for Lions-Jags. Or Vikings-Jags. Or Vikings-Chargers, since even people in LA don’t seem to want that. Just please, not the Pats again. We get it. Tom Brady is a pretty good QB.

Today in Denver on CBS we’re starting with Bengals at Vikings (my emergency backup team is the Lions, so GO BENGALS) and the Pats at Steelers. I hate both those teams equally, but damn that will be a fun game to watch, eh? Over on FOX we only get an early game but it’s Aaron Rodgers’ return against the Panthers. Again, I want the Lions to get in so GO PANTHERS. Sunday Night Football is not bad either, with Cowboys at Raiders. It figures that we’d get a good slate of games when I have so much shit to do. No Monday Night game this week.


The rest: Cards at Redskins (yawn), Dolphins at Bills, Eagles at Giants, Jets at Saints, Ravens at Browns (I’d love for the Browns to get their first win here), Texans at Jags (pouring one out for PatBateman), Rams at Seahawks (I wish we were getting this one), and Titans at Niners which no one will be watching because Pats-Steelers. And the Broncos, Lions, and Chiefs all won their games already.

What nightmare Super Bowl matchup are you secretly hoping for?

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