Week 17 always brings us the best idea the NFL has ever had, and the only one that most fans were totally ok with: every game is a division game. It’s been the rule since the 2010 season, and I hope they never change it.

It’ll make you watch the video on YouTube.

In the AFC, New England and Pittsburgh will be either the 1 or 2 seed. I can’t see the Jets beating the Pats today unless the Pats want a repeat of the 2015 season where they took their foot off the gas near the end and allowed the Broncos to steal the #1 seed, and we know what happened to the Pats then. 3 & 4 are the Jags and Chiefs respectively, and nothing changes that for them win or lose. The last 2 spots will be either the Ravens, Titans, Chargers, or Bills.

I don’t see a scenario listed where both the Chargers and Bills get in, but I’d like to see one of them do it.


In the NFC it’s way simpler. 5 teams are in (Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints & Panthers) and the Seahawks and Falcons are fighting for the last spot. After the Falcons collapsed in the Super Bowl, I think I’d rather see the Hawks get in.

So today while I catch up on laundry, on CBS it looks like I get to see Jets at Pats early and of course the Chiefs at Broncos late. On Fox I get Bears at Vikings early (WHY?) and Panthers at Falcons late.


What scenarios are you hoping to see play out? I want the Steelers to have the #1 seed so that the Pats have to go there, and I’d kind of like to see the Chargers get in. The most appropriate ending for this dumpster fire of a season would be the Rams and Chargers in the Super Bowl because NO ONE wants that. Even Los Angeles.