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NFL Open Thread

UPDATE: Holy crap. If all of the Broncos’ games are like this, I’ll never make it to the end of the season without having several heart attacks and strokes. What happened with your teams today?

Have you ever been surprised by something and yet not at all surprised by it? I feel for him because it seems like he’s one of those people who is supremely talented but will never be able to control their demons.


How are things looking for your team after week one? The Broncos started out pretty much like I expected. They won, but were a bit uneven. It was nice to see a quarterback not completely freak out after mistakes. Case Keenum’s first interception was a kinda funny because they had a replay angle from directly behind him. “Ok, I’m throwing the pass and OH SHIT I DIDN’T SEE EARL THOMAS” and takes off running toward where the interception happens. LOL. Von Miller is still awesome, and so are Royce Freeman and Philip Lindsey. Holy crap the Broncos have a running game again! The one thing that really bugged me is on two of the interceptions before he even threw the ball I was screaming “WHY ARE WE THROWING THE BALL HERE???” One was on a 2nd-and-3, and the other was on 1st-and-10. Stop trying to be cute. Play-calling needs to be better. Case Keenum isn’t Tom Brady. Go with what has been working for you all game long. That shit is how they crashed after the Buffalo game last year, when Mike McCoy wanted to show everyone how smart he was and that he could totes be a head coach again.

If the Broncos don’t smother the Raiders this week, I doubt they’ll make the playoffs. Good teams should be able to beat the teams that are down and out, and the Raiders’ players all seem to have suddenly realized that Gruden is more interested in winning when they get to Vegas instead of here and now. I will not be a bit surprised if Derek Carr is playing for another team next year, either. Jacksonville should keep an eye on him.


Looks like I’ll be glued to the TV today. Here in Denver we get to start with KC at Pittsburgh on CBS, followed by the Raiders-Broncos game. On Fox we get Minnesota at Green Bay. I hope I don’t get called into work.

Early games: Panthers at Falcons, Colts at Redskins, Texans at Titans, Eagles at Bucs, Dolphins at Jets, Chargers at Bills, Vikings at Packers, and Browns at Saints. Late games: Lions at 49ers, Cards at Rams, Pats at Jags. Sunday Night Football is Giants at Cowboys, and Monday night will be the Seahawks at the Bears. On paper it looks like there are some good games, but we’ll see.

So... how’s your team doing so far? Are you drinking to celebrate or drinking to forget?

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