NFL Open Thread

UPDATE: The Browns are still the Browns. And that Niners-Chargers game was pretty good, huh?

You know what made all that truck drama even more annoying? I had to leave in the middle of this game to bring it back to the dealer.

And of course, by the time I got back the action had slowed down. Boo.

Week 4, and the one thing that makes me happy is that the Browns have a better W-L record than the Pats. And the Browns should win today, because the Raiders are terrible. SHOULD win. Which means they probably won’t, but I still want to believe it could happen.


The Broncos don’t play until Monday night, and they’re hosting the Chiefs. There’s no reason to believe the Broncos will win this. Patrick Mahomes looks like the 1999 version of Kurt Warner, the Broncos’ secondary has changed from the ‘No-Fly Zone’ to ‘Unrestricted Airspace’, and our QB apparently thinks he’s back playing for the Texans (sorry Pat). I don’t see how they can win, but it’d be funny if they did.

We get a doubleheader on CBS, starting with Miami-New England followed by San Francisco-San Diego Los Angeles Chargers. I’d love for the Dolphins to beat the Pats, but it’s in Foxboro so I’m not going to hold my breath. I really want to see what happens in the late game, though. Wouldn’t it be cool if C.J. Beathard came out and rattled off a streak of wins? It won’t happen, but I always like underdogs. On Fox, we only get the early game and it’s Detroit at Dallas. I hate the Cowboys and the Lions are my step-team, so go Lions! Sunday Night is a game I usually hate to watch, but I want the Ravens to pound the Steelers. I’m so tired of the damn drama with them. RuPaul’s Drag Race has less drama, FFS.


The rest:

Cincinnati at Atlanta - I’m surprised the NFL isn’t forcing us to watch this game. Nothing against the Bengals or Falcons, but like most inter-conference games it just feels like there’s no hype or buzz for it. It should be an ok game, but I have no idea who should be favored.


Buffalo at Green Bay - Raise your hand if you think this is the week that Buffalo goes back to getting stomped. *raises hand*

Tampa Bay at Chicago - I like this game. I kinda wish we got this instead of Detroit-Dallas. Oh, well. I would like to see Fitzpatrick keep rolling, but Mack is a beast.


Philadelphia at Tennessee - see Cincinnati at Atlanta.

New York Jets at Jacksonville - I think the Jags D is going to be too much for a rookie QB to overcome.


Houston at Indianapolis - Oy. I hope the Texans come to life soon.

Cleveland at Oakland - C’mon Browns. You can do it. Please do it.

Seattle at Arizona - Remember that 6-6 tie a while back? I don’t know if today’s game will be as high-scoring as that one.


New Orleans at Giants - The Saints have to be the second shakiest 2-1 football team behind the Broncos. I think the Giants can take them.

Washington and Carolina are on a bye this week. I feel like bye weeks shouldn’t start until week 5.


Too bad I can’t have Tuesday off. I have a feeling I’ll have a reason to drink heavily on Monday night.

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