NFL Open Thread

Plays like this are why I’m sad Gus Johnson doesn’t do play-by-play for NFL games anymore.

Well, I guess I don’t mind that the Broncos play an early game today. If it’s going to be bad, I’ll at least have the rest of the day to get things done. I have no idea how this game at the Chiefs will turn out. I thought they were going to get their doors blown off in the first one and they instead led for most of the game until KC came back in the fourth and won. KC doesn’t need this game and it’s pretty close to a must-win for Denver, so it could be weird. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, the Broncos backup QB who got loudly cheered for taking a knee in his only NFL snap went full-on frat boy the other day and got arrested, then cut. Now our two QBs are Case Keenum and Kevin Hogan. Where’s my whiskey?


Our only CBS game is the Broncos-Chiefs game. Over on FOX we get Seahawks at Lions early, and Packers at Rams late. SNF is Saints at Vikings, and MNF is Pats-Bills. I think the good games are all during the day this week. Saints at Vikings could be a decent, but expecting it to be as good as the playoff game last year is probably a bad idea. The Bills are going to get killed at home, unless Derek Anderson suddenly becomes not-Derek Anderson. But the day games... even the Broncos-Chiefs one isn’t bad until you see how the game will go.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh - Lord, please let the Browns win this game. Or at least tie, because everyone will lose their shit over a tie.

Buccaneers at Bengals - What a weird matchup. This could be entertaining, if not necessarily good.

Jets at Bears - I don’t see how the Jets could possibly win this game, so they probably will.


Ravens at Panthers - Not interested, but it should be a good game at least.

Redskins at Giants - Even when the Giants are bad this could still be good. COULD be.


Seahawks at Lions - Go Lions!

Colts at Raiders - This is one of the two stinkers. Who cares, really? Poor Derek Carr, though.


Niners at Cardinals - Here’s the other stinker. Why even televise this one?

Packers at Rams - My upset senses are tingling, but my senses aren’t ever really that accurate TBH.


Oh yeah, the Eagles and Jags are playing this morning. As I write this, it’s 10-6 Eagles at the start of the 3rd.

Anything you want to see your team do before the trade deadline on Tuesday, realistic or not?

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