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NFL Open Thread

EDIT: Well, we're clearly paying for whatever deal with the devil we did to win Super Bowl 50.

Goodbye, DT. You’re probably the 2nd best Broncos receiver of all time behind Rod Smith. Except for today’s game I wish you the best.


The Broncos host his new team today. I think they beat the Texans. Aside from QB (and record), these two teams are darn near mirror images of each other. Decent receiving corps, run game split between two backs, fearsome defense, and no real tight end threats to speak of. The biggest difference is at QB where the Texans have a promising young Deshaun Watson and the Broncos have Case Keenum who would better serve as a backup somewhere. The reason I think the Broncos win is mostly because it’s at home. No one seems to be able to stop Patrick Mahomes and yet in the game in Denver a few weeks back they slowed him down substantially. The crowd noise is for real, and we here all know if the Broncos don’t win the season is pretty much gone and nobody here in Denver wants that. They will be alive for this one unless the Texans storm out of the gate. I honestly don’t expect much from DT today because he’s only had 4 days to acclimate to his new team. He hasn’t played with Watson yet, and he already drops a ton of passes as it is. It’d be unfair for Texans fans to expect the world from him in this game. He might make a play here and there, but give him another week or two and he’ll be in better sync. PatBateman will be at the game today. I love ya Pat, but I hope you go home disappointed.

No early game on CBS today. Also, we only get one game on Fox, and it’s the Lions at the Vikings. Vikings probably win but I’m pulling for the Lions. BTW this Deadspin article made me laugh:


The rest:

Bears at Bills: Oy.

Bucs at Panthers: Anyone else kinda hoping Ryan Fitzpatrick goes on a tear again?


Chiefs at Browns: Double oy. I’m surprised CBS isn’t forcing us to watch it.

Falcons at Redskins: The Redskins are going to win the NFC East, aren’t they? Boo.


Jets at Dolphins: IT’S BROCKVEMBER BABY! Jets probably win.

Steelers at Ravens: I pretty much always want the Steelers to lose. I’ll probably get my wish.


Chargers at Seahawks: This should be a good one. Too bad we won’t get it here.

Rams at Saints: Another good one. But again, we don’t get it here.

Packers at Patriots: I wouldn’t bet against the Pats when they’re at home.

Titans at Cowboys (Monday): I don’t have anything to say about this game. Inter-conference games are sometimes hard to care about.


What did your team do at the deadline? Have you fired your coach yet? Will he be fired after this week’s games?

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