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NFL Open Thread

The Broncos are hosting the Steelers today. It seems like all the locals are optimistic about this game. I’ll admit, my gut is telling me the same thing. The Steelers haven’t done well in games played in Denver. Did you know that in the 18 matchups here since 1970 the Steelers have only won 5 times? I didn’t; I just knew they’d lost the last 3. Our QB might be Case Keenum, but the Broncos beat the Steelers once with a QB who couldn’t throw forward passes very well, so...

We’ll see.

Today’s early CBS game before the Steelers-Broncos is Patriots-Jets. Oy. Fortunately the Seahawks-Panthers game is on Fox at the same time. SNF is Packers-Vikings, and I’m literally the only person hoping for another tie. Has that ever happened before, a division series end up with two ties? I want to watch people’s heads explode. MNF sounds like an interesting game, but I think the Titans will get beat because it’ll probably be a very emotional game for the Texans and their fans with McNair passing away.


The rest...

49ers-Bucs: Eeeew.

Browns-Bengals: I’m still pulling for the Browns, except when the Broncos play them in a few weeks.


Giants-Eagles: I kinda wish we were getting this game. What the hell happened to the Eagles?

Jags-Bills: Eeeew again.

Raiders-Ravens: Here in Denver we could use an upset by the Raiders today. I doubt we could be that lucky.

Cards-Chargers: Eeeew some more. I think the Cards are toast today.

Dolphins-Colts: Should be eeeew, but it’s actually a relevant game. Tannehill’s back, so I pick the Colts.


Here’s hoping everyone here has enough leftovers to gorge themselves into a coma! Enjoy!

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