NFL Open Thread

UPDATE: That was an amazing end to the Steelers-Saints game! Maybe the Saints are the one team that's good enough to finish after all.

I expected the Skins to lose and they did, but I really thought the Chargers would take this one. Maybe don’t throw a pick on the first play of the game next time there, Phil.


Looking at the playoff picture, do any of the teams strike fear into you? They don’t to me. Even the Saints. I know it was a division game, but to only score 12 against the Panthers? Wow. Is Jared Goff turning back into a pumpkin? The Patriots strike me as a team that loses in the first round if they don’t get a bye. Mahomes still looks good but the Chiefs’ momentum seems to be grinding to a halt (and if they host a playoff game, I still think they lose it). The two teams that seem to be heading in the right direction with momentum are the Texans and Bears. But I don’t think I see a team where I say “yep, they’re going all the way”. That makes me happy.

There’s been a lot about Mike Shanahan almost becoming the Broncos’ coach at the beginning of the year and apparently it’s still a possibility. I feel the only way it would work is if he has a decent QB. They don’t right now. They would need to trade for one or draft one. I don’t know of a good one in the draft this next year, but there’s a bunch out there that could work. I might be the only one who wants this, but I’d love to see them get Teddy Bridgewater on the cheap. I thought he was doing well up until that horrific injury, but now he’s had some time to heal even more and he’s been sitting behind Drew Brees all year. Anyway, let’s get back to the relevant teams.


Today I’m going to be out and about so I won’t get to watch, but I will get to listen to whatever game I want. I know some people hate satellite radio, but I love it. Let’s see what’s happening today...

Giants at Colts - I think it’ll be too much to ask of the Giants to win in Indy, but it might be a good game at least.


Jags at Dolphins - I’m pulling hard for Miami. I’d also like to see the Pats lose out, but I doubt that could ever really happen.

Falcons at Panthers - Who Cares Bowl I

Bengals at Browns - I want the Browns to win. I want to see them finish with a winning record.


Bucs at Cowboys - I don’t care if they’re playing at home, I wouldn’t pick the Cowboys for anything right now.

Vikings at Lions - I think the Vikings end up missing the playoffs. (LOL, and the Lions too. /obvious)


Bills at Pats - I really really want the Bills to win, but it’s in Foxboro. Oh, well.

Packers at Jets - Who Cares Bowl II

Texans at Eagles - THIS is probably the game I’ll listen to. I guess I’d like to see the Texans win more than I would the Eagles, but part of me wants to see Nick Foles take them to the Super Bowl again because it’ll piss everyone off so much.


Rams at Cardinals - Who Cares Bowl III

Bears at Niners - Bears better watch out. They should win, but the Broncos should have too. (Pssst.... they’re going to throw the ball to George Kittle. Have someone cover him.)


Steelers at Saints - Please win, Saints.

Chiefs at Seahawks (SNF)- I’m glad I’ll get to see this one. My gut is telling me the Seahawks will win, even though the Chiefs have been so good this year.


Broncos at Raiders (MNF) - Who Cares Bowl IV. I think the Broncos get stomped. It’s probably the last ever game in Oakland. I won’t be watching, as we’re going to be having our Christmas get-together at my in-laws a day early. I don’t think I’ll be missing much.

Enjoy the games, and I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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