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NFL Open Thread

UPDATE: LOL STEELERS! What an ending to the Browns-Ravens game! Oh, and is Vance Joseph fired yet? Dirk Koetter is.


Oh, good, Philip Lindsey’s season is over. This has been the longest season ever. Ugh. I didn’t watch last week’s game and I might not watch this one. The Broncos have no good reason to win this game and the Chargers really need to win it, so obviously it’ll be Broncos 17, Chargers 13. Onto the relevant teams, I guess.

Here on CBS we’ll get the Jets-Pats game followed by Chargers-Broncos. Unless the Jets somehow manage to beat the Pats, I don’t care much about these two games. On Fox it’ll be Cowboys at Giants, followed by Bears-Vikings. Now that might be a good one. SNF is Colts at the Blaine Gabbert-led Titans. Why do I have the feeling the Titans win this? Is that even possible, for Blaine Gabbert to lead a team into the playoffs? And then of course, tomorrow is Coach-firin’-Monday. The other games:

Dolphins-Bills: Next...

Falcons-Bucs: Next...

Jags-Texans: Texans better win this one, or it’s not gonna be pretty.

Lions-Packers: Next...

Panthers-Saints: Next...

Niners-Rams: The Rams look off all of a sudden. I wouldn’t be surprised for the Niners to upset them.


Bengals-Steelers: What new and exciting way will the Steelers manage to lose this game?

Browns-Ravens: It would be a nice change for the Browns to finish above .500.

Eagles-Redskins: I almost feel bad for Washington. LOL, no I don’t I just feel bad for Alex Smith. Fuck Dan Snyder.


Good luck to those whose teams actually still have a shot. I’m gonna go wash my car.

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