NFL Open Thread

I have zero problem with Patrick Mahomes being league MVP. The Chiefs are relevant now. When they had Alex Smith, I never once had the feeling that they would actually get anywhere. It doesn’t feel that way anymore. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any QB with the kind of improv skills that Mahomes has. Maybe Brett Favre, but 50% of the time his improvised plays resulted in a turnover.


I can’t believe it took this long for Pat Bowlen to be put in the HOF. He’s the man who negotiated the TV contracts for the NFL that allowed for them to grow in unimaginable ways, let alone all the success he’s responsible for as owner of the Denver Broncos. I wish he was stable enough to be at the ceremony. I’m glad that Champ got in too (and he does deserve it), but it really should have been Steve Atwater instead. I hope it happens for him soon. I think they got it right with everyone else. Also, I forgot that Ty Law played for the Broncos for like 5 minutes.

Ugh, the game. For the love of God, please let the Rams win. Tom Brady is already the greatest QB, it’s not like he can become greatest-er. Besides, I want to see Wade Phillips get another ring. And Aqib Talib to get a pick-six (or at least a pick). And CJ Anderson (new Economy size!) to score another Super Bowl TD.

I’m on my own for the game, so I’m debating on whether to watch it at home or go somewhere.  There’s a decent cigar lounge nearby, or I could go to BWW or something.  What’s Oppo’s plans for the Super Bowl?

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