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NFL Open Thread

Well, this season it only took until week 7 to make me a football nihilist. Fuck it all. Burn it down. Nothing matters.


Garrett Bolles cannot play another snap. (I could have just stopped at ‘Garrett Bolles cannot play’, really.) When Drew Lock is cleared to come back, he’d better be the starter the rest of the way. The idea of Joe Flacco looked ok on paper, but it didn’t work. He’s taken more sacks than I have, for God’s sake. (Sorry.) After the Chiefs took the lead, I decided to go get some Popeye’s, because if I was going to be miserable, dammit, at least I’d have some good chicken. While I pulled into Popeye’s, I heard the injury to Patrick Mahomes and for a second I thought, “Maybe they have a chance now.” But, no. I turned it all off after the fumble by Flacco was returned for a score. This game felt more embarrassing than the 59-14 loss they had at home to the Raiders shortly before Josh McDaniels was fired. I was at that game and we stayed for the whole thing, and it still didn’t make me as angry as this one did.

So, I’m out. With all the stress I have at work during the week, I don’t need to subject myself to this BS. Time to watch what all the other teams are doing.


Our vacation starts today, so I won’t be watching a whole lot of football. We’ll be spending most of the day cleaning the house, then running some errands, and visiting my in-laws. I’ll probably have the TV on while cleaning though. We only get one CBS game today and it’s Raiders at Packers. I would be shocked if the Raiders could win at Lambeau, but they probably won’t. Over on Fox it starts with the game I’ll probably have on, the Vikings at the Lions. The Lions are my step-team, and they at least are slightly less frustrating to watch right now. I hope they can pull it off. That’ll be followed by Saints-Bears, and I’m sad I probably won’t get to watch it. SNF is Eagles-Cowboys and I couldn’t care any less. Pats at Jets on Monday night will probably be a blowout, and yet I sort of want to see it.

The rest:

Rams at Falcons - Meh. Probably the Rams.

Dolphins at Bills - If the Bills can’t win this, I’m pretty sure that would be a sign of the apocalypse.

Jaguars at Bengals - Oh, no thanks, I’m good.

Texans at Colts - The Texans SHOULD win this game, but I have a nagging feeling the Colts might surprise them today.


Cardinals at Giants - I could see this game being a bit interesting to watch, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it. I’ll say Giants.

49ers at the best argument for relegation in the NFL - This is a game that some people in this country will be forced to watch. Pray for them.


Chargers at Titans - Ick. The Chargers are bad, but they’d better win this one.

Ravens at Seahawks - How this isn’t being shown here is beyond me. I used to always lean toward the Seahawks when they’re at home, but I think the Ravens are a better team right now.


Browns, Steelers, Bucs and Panthers are on the bye.

Well, have fun watching the games. At least I’ll have some new jeans at the end of the day. (Duluth Trading Company rules.)

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