What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Week 8 already. Time flies when your team sucks!

I have to admit, I don’t really want to watch football right now. Unfortunately, the weather has conspired to make me spend all day indoors and I really have nothing else to do except fold laundry and watch it. All I need to say about the Broncos is this: if Pat Bowlen fired Mike Shanahan after 3 .500 or close to .500 seasons, you can be damn sure that if he were alive today and in control of his faculties he would be firing John Elway right now. He needs to go. I have a weird feeling they will actually beat the Colts on the road today, because it doesn’t really help them if they win and all it will do is mess up their draft position. Oh well, Elway would just use them on picks with a terrible injury history anyway.


Because the Broncos are at Indy today, it means we in Denver are stuck with them in an early game on CBS followed by the Raiders at the Texans. God help the Texans if they can’t beat the Raiders. Between the Colts and possibly the Jaguars (see below) they could be in trouble if they don’t take care of business today. We’ll only get one Fox game, the Panthers at the 49ers. Meh. Sunday night is a game that looked good on paper until about 10 days ago, the Packers at the Chiefs. Sure, the Broncos couldn’t beat a team with Matt Moore at QB, but I’d bet the Packers can. Monday night is the Dolphins at the Steelers, which will be watched by 14 people at most.

The rest:

Seahawks at Falcons - I can’t see how the Falcons suddenly start playing like a real NFL team, so the Seahawks probably crush them.


Eagles at Bills - Philly looks like they’re in crisis and the Bills are just good enough to knock them off at home.

Chargers at Bears - No thanks, I’m good.

Giants at Lions - I can’t figure out the Lions, but I think they’ll beat the Giants.


Bucs at Titans - It’s amazing to see the #1 and #2 picks from the same draft flame out like this. Has that happened before? I can’t remember. I’ll say Bucs.

Bengals at Rams - I said no thanks, I’m good.

Cardinals at Saints - Drew Brees is back! As a side note, I really had wanted to see the Broncos get Teddy Bridgewater and I’m stunned that Elway didn’t do it given his penchant for signing guys that have severe injuries in their past. I’m glad for Teddy that he escaped unscathed and in a better situation.


Jets at Jaguars - I just looked at the rest of the Jags’ schedule... the only decent teams they face from here on out are the Texans one more time (they lost by only one point in the first matchup) and the Colts twice. You might say the Raiders, but they’re so inconsistent. I could see them going 10-6 the rest of the way, and they’ll get Nick Foles back in a few weeks I think. They could get interesting.

Browns at Patriots - I could see the Browns sneaking in and winning today, and the truth is it probably wouldn’t affect the Pats’ season negatively OR the Browns’ season positively. But the Pats’ will win.


Cowboys and Ravens are off, but wouldn’t you love to see them play each other this week?

Maybe I should finish the last couple episodes of Star Trek: Discovery instead. All of these games look pretty bad except maybe the Raiders-Texans.

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