NFL Open Thread

Update #1: HOLY SHIT. The Chiefs-Titans game was great. Here's a sentence that should fracture your brain: Ryan Tannehill was balling out of control at the end there. Plus it sounds like almost every game was close and somewhat exciting. Shows what I know.

What do you know, we’re all still here! Hopefully it’s a long-term stay of execution. Even better, I don’t have to watch the Broncos this week because they’re on a bye! Which is good because I can’t take the stupidity of them fumbling another QB decision at the moment.


*looks at schedule*

How can all the daytime games be utter garbage? Holy hell.

Only one CBS game for us today, where we’ll be watching the Chiefs kill the Titans. Chiefs fans should feel really fortunate that Patrick Mahomes’ injury wasn’t that bad, as it looks like everyone else’s quarterbacks are crumbling into dust right now. Over on Fox, we’re stuck with Falcons at Saints for the early game followed by Panthers at Packers. I just looked to see what games they could cut away to and man, the early games all suck this week. SNF is Vikings at Cowboys, which should be a good one, and even Monday Night is interesting with the Seahawks at the Niners. I will be working during that game so I might actually get to listen to it.


The rest:

Lions at Bears - Ugh, I feel bad for Matt Stafford. I hope his back heals soon. I would pick the Bears but oy, they’re not any good on offense. 3-3 tie.


Ravens at Bengals - No thanks.

Bills at Browns - Ugh, no.

Giants “at” Jets - GOD no.

Me right now:


Let’s look at the afternoon gam-

Dolphins at Colts - Oh for fuck’s sake.

Rams at Steelers - This is a game between two competitive teams, and somehow I’m still not interested.


SIX teams on a bye. Broncos, Patriots, Eagles, Redskins, Jaguars, and Texans.

I guess I’ll get a lot of housework done today. Also I have huge globs of pine sap on my trucks’ windshield that I really need to clean off.

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