Dear Chiefs fans,

I, a Denver Broncos fan, am actually happy for you. No, really. It’s cool to hear from the fans about how excited they are. It reminds me of the Broncos’ first run that I was around for back in 1986-87 (I wasn’t living in Colorado during Super Bowl XII, and also I was 2 years old then) and the horrors that followed. I know the Chiefs won one 50 years ago, but for people my age and even a bit older, it may as well not have even happened it was so long ago. Out of our division rivals, the Chiefs are the one team that I’ve hated but also respected. You guys have had to deal with a LOT of crap over the last couple decades. I can’t imagine it’s been fun to go through that stretch of home playoff losses. Anyway, enjoy it! These things don’t come along often, and there’s never a guarantee your team will ever get back there. Just ask Dan Marino.


That said, I hope you lose by double-digits. :)

I won’t make specific predictions like a final score. I just know from my own personal experience that if it’s a matchup between a great defense and a great offense, I’ll take the D every time. Though if there is one QB I would take to try to beat it, it would be Patrick Mahomes. We have to play this guy twice a year and I’ve never seen someone do what he does. It’s insane. He might secretly be a robot. I would guess the MVP will probably be one of the following: Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle, Patrick Mahomes, or Travis Kelce. I’d have a hard time seeing anyone else do it. Maybe Emmanuel Sanders, but he hasn’t been getting the ball that much, really.

Any plans for the game? I’m on call unfortunately, so I’m staying at home (hopefully) by myself and won’t be having any alcohol. Boo. Time to drown my sorrows in mozzarella sticks!

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